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Hi, we're the "ChrisLee" of the ChrisLee Group, Christine Martin and Lee Griffith.  We've been  passionately serving others as professionals for most of our careers. Beginning in what seems like a lifetime ago, Christine as a Registered Nurse, and Lee with the United States Navy and corporate leader. Each of us eventually finding our way to the Valley of The Sun, a destination that frequently tops the list in the US for "fastest growing".  

We highly value the relationships that we have with our clients. Whether you're buying or selling - there can be a lot of emotion and stress that goes along with either.  Our mission is to lessen the stress, leave nothing on the table through tough negotiations and see that you reach your goals.      

As Certified Military Relocation Specialists, we're honored to share that The ChrisLee Group has been selected as a Partner Organization of the Arizona Coalition for Military Families.

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Arizona is a shifting seller's market right now. Activity, pricing and strategy vary widely depending on the location of your home in the valley. We take a number of factors into consideration ensuring that you get the most for your home.  

The question "What's my home worth?" is a big one. Reach out to us! We're happy to give you an estimate with no obligation.  


"The American Dream" comes to mind when we think about clients buying a home.  We love helping you find the perfect place that will be uniquely yours.

As professional negotiators and relocation specialists, we pride ourselves on having a sense of urgency with attention to detail.  

Hopes, dreams and desires are our business and we're honored to serve.


If you're thinking about buying or selling, many questions go along with both. Ranging from home values, to credit issues, interest rates, VA process, down payment requirements...lots of questions!  The thing to do is to ask. We invite you to reach out to us. You won't get pressured, but you will have your questions answered so that you know what your next step should be.  

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Christine Martin @ 602 510 8203

Lee Griffith @ 480 440 4375

Ron Johnson @ 334 202 8776

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